There are over 350 hostels and bunkhouses on this site. You can use the Location, Facilities, Activities and Availability filters above to produce a list of accommodation ideal for your needs.  For a less specific hostel hunt have a look on the regional maps below.

Using the filters to find ideal accommodation

There are four filters available on the top bar of this website, Location, Facilities, Activities and Availability. These can be used individually or combined by performing one filter after the other. A list of hostels is produced and displayed on a map.  The active filters are shown at the top of the list with a cross which allows you to close that filter. For example if you have asked for dog friendly hostels in London and a blank or very short list of hostels is produced.  Close the dog friendly filter to view all the hostels in London.

The Location filter produces a list of accommodation within a radius of a central point. For your central point, you could use a postcode, a town or village name or even a county or area such as Cumbria or Peak District.  It is good to be aware when you are using an area name that Google decides where the centre of that area is and uses the radius you have input from there, rather than displaying the whole area.  Google also has some strange ideas about the location of some areas.

The Facilities filter allows you to specify that only accommodation with certain facilities is displayed. For example, you can ask to see only accommodation with more than 20 beds, or only those with self-catering facilities. Some of the hostels will only accommodate groups so the “Available to Individuals” tick box is particularly useful if you are travelling with a small party.  The Dog Friendly option is popular, although be aware that this will reduce your options by up to 90% in some locations.  In the facilities filter, you can also select accommodation within walking distance of a pub or ask for city or rural surroundings.  If you are looking for rural surroundings keep your options open by ticking all the boxes for Remote, Rural, Village and perhaps even Small town.

The Activities filter allows you to select only accommodation in areas ideal for certain outdoor pursuits or cultural activities.

The Availability filter displays a list of accommodation with direct links to their online booking systems.  Where our website is able to interrogate the hostels booking system the accommodation will be displayed with the availability on your chosen dates.  Where the accommodation does not operate online booking a link to their contact details is available.  The list is displayed in order of distance from the location you have specified.  The Availability filter is unusual in that it has a location filter built in, making it suitable for stand-alone use.  The availability filter can also be used in conjunction with the Facilities the Activities filters.

All the accommodation on this website provide accommodation for groups.

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