Holiday near Tenby


LAWRENNY MILLENNIUM HOSTEL is a community run independent hostel in the unique landscape of  the Cresswell Estuary and only 10 minutes from the stunning south Pembrokeshire coast.  There are some lovely hostels in Pembrokeshire and Lawrenny is the best located for a holiday around Tenby. We spent a family holiday here at the beginning of the summer holidays and found so many brilliant things to do.

male voice choir holiday near tenby
Male Voice Choir on our holiday near Tenby

The night we arrived the Tenby Male Voice Choir  were having their annual BBQ at the Cresswell Arms at a quay just down the road from the hostel.  This creeper clad pub on the waterfront provided a great backdrop while the choir sang and the kids played on some stepping stones.  Before the singing started the  choir manned the BBQ selling hot dogs and burgers, so that was tea sorted.  A great start to our holiday near Tenby.

castle holiday near tenby

The next day we discovered that Carew Castle, just 4 miles from Lawrenny,  was hosting a medieval village with period activities for the kids.  We went along and  for the cost of a few groats and a very good value entry fee we were all  entertained all day.  The castle is privately owned and there was a medieval knight in residence, claiming very realistically to be Sir Rhys Thomas the true descendant of the Lord of the castle.   I still don’t know whether to believe him!   Sir Rhys gave a tour of the castle and a demonstration of how to put on medieval  armour.   We wandered around the medieval tented village and the children used their groats to take part in medieval activities.  They bought  some dough from a hessian clad lady who showed them how to plait it into medieval flat bread and baked it in her wood oven. They made a shield with a design of their own coats of arms and  practiced writing with a quill.  A few groats seemed to go a long way in that tented village on our holiday near Tenby.

carew castle holiday near tenby
Carew Castle on our Holiday near Tenby

Our castle entry tickets included entry to Cresswell Mill, five minutes’ walk down the river from the castle.  Here we found  a lady had opened her garden to make a café where we had welsh cakes and a lovely pot of tea.   Cresswell Mill is  a tidal mill and when we arrived the tide had just turned and the building was drumming with the power of the water.  It had an excellent display and the children were very pleased with the activity books from the gift shop all about a holiday near Tenby. Walking back to the castle in the evening sun, the tide full in and huge banners fluttering from the castle tours, Carew castle looked tremendous.  It looked alive and lived in.

The next day we headed to the pretty coastal town of Tenby, only 15 min drive from Lawrenny Hostel.  We parked in the south beach car park and walked along the sands to the Harbor right in the heart of the town.  The kids spotted a climbing wall in an old harbour building overlooking the sea.  They were promoting “have-a-go sessions” and the two instructor couldn’t wait to pass on their love of climbing to our kids.  Eventually we extracted the children from the climbing wall and spent the day exploring.    Tenby is a pretty seaside town with  seaside shops, cafes and pubs .  It has two glorious beaches and boat trips to Caldi Island.

We stayed at Lawrenny Hostel for nearly a week.  We had our own private bedroom with a double bed and bunks.  We cooked in the self catering kitchen and met some really nice people in the shared lounge and dining areas.   We loved this area and really enjoyed our holiday.  Despite the presences of numerous beaches, castles and coves along the coast we kept returning to Tenby and Carew Castle and never exhausted their charms.

inside Lawrenny Hostel
Lawrenny Hostel on our holiday near Tenby