Become a Travel Writer

The Independent Hostel Guide has an active and popular blog, written by IHUK’s team of travel writers (bloggers) in partnership with the hostels and bunkhouses who have chosen to take part in our Host a Blogger Scheme.

Hostels in the scheme have agreed to provide free or reduced price accommodation to a blogger in return for a text and photos written for the IHG blog. Each trip is individually agreed between the hostel and the blogger and is subject to the hostels terms and availability. For example if a hostel has already hosted a family blogger then they may not want to host a similar group again. Or if the blogger has asked for a prime time the hostel may decline or suggest less popular dates for the visit. Our experienced bloggers get more approvals then first time bloggers, but keep trying, as once you have your first blog online more hostels will agree to host you.

Typically a blogger will get a free night’s accommodation if they are alone. A family or couple can expect a nights accommodation at half price and a group can expect around a 25% reduction in the overnight fees. These are only guidelines and at quiet times hostels may offer more then one night at the reduced rate. We are also able to string together a series of one nights giving you a longer trip with more blogs to write.

Hostels currently looking to host a blogger:

The hostels taking part in the scheme are shown on the map above. To become a travel writer for the IHUK blog  contact IHUK and let us know the name or area of the accommodation you’re interested in and your preferred dates for the visit. Give us as much notice as possible as it can take a while to set up. We will then approach the hostel(s) concerned and ask if they are interested in your blog. If dates can be agreed we put you in touch with the hostel and wait with excitement for your bog to arrive by email.

Bloggers need to provide around 300 words of text and between 1 and 5 photos. These should be sent to us within two weeks of your visit.