Evening meals are available in the bunkhouses and hostels on these pages. Some of these places have licensed bars, restaurants and cafes where you can indulge in a tasty meal and a local ale. Others provide nourishing home cooked meals designed for people who have spent a day on the hills. At hostels and bunkhouses you are free to mix cooking your own evening meals, with going to find local pubs or restaurants and with booking evening meals prepared by the hostel.

Hostels and Bunkhouses with Evening Meals Available.

Traditionally hostels and bunkhouses are  self catering with the kitchen acting as the social hub where guests chat and share stories as they prepare their meals.  These kitchens in the hostels’ communal areas provide the space and opportunity for guests to socialise within the accommodation, indeed it is this that gives the hostels their charm.

Self catering for evening meals at bunkhouse

However it is a treat to have a piping hot home cooked meal put in front of you and many hostels and some bunkhouses now offer this extra service, providing evening meals and breakfasts for their guests.   The map above shows all the hostels and bunkhouse s that provide evening meals.  Look here for a similar map of hostels and bunkhouses providing breakfasts.

Not all hostels are located close to pubs or restaurants so the fact they offer an evening meal is a real perk. It saves you walking or cycling to the nearest town or village or having to take the car.  If you drive, of course the driver can’t enjoy a glass of the local beer.

Hostel Bar at New Ing Lodge
On those occasions when you are on a long journey and are stopping overnight at a hostel before continuing to your destination the next day there is nothing more welcoming than arriving at the hostel, stretching you legs, relaxing and having a delicious home cooked meal provided for you.

It is vital, of course, that you book your evening meal with the hostel owner or manager in advance. You may well be surprised what good value and how tasty the evening meals provided by the hostels are.  Of course it isn’t just on those stop over nights that having your evening meal cooked for you is a real bonus. Imagine you have been out all day. Perhaps you have been hill walking, mountain biking, surfing or wildlife watching . Whatever your activity, after a long strenuous day in the outdoors, there isn’t anything nicer than being able to arrive back at your cosy, warm hostel with nothing more to do than shower, relax and wait for the call that your evening meal is ready to be served. What a luxury!!

evening meals at hostels New Ing Lodge

Another time when a catered evening meal is a godsend is on your first evening. Imagine, you have arrived at the hostel rather late, you and your party are tired and irritable after a long journey. What could be better than having a hot tasty meal prepared for you by the hostel team?

A catered evening meal is even more important if there is a large group of you. A family reunion, a group activity holiday or a big celebration, whatever the occasion, self catering for a large number of people can be a nightmare. There is the hassle of buying the right quantities of the right ingredients, lugging it back to the hostel, unpacking and storing it all. Then someone has to take charge of the cooking process. And of course after preparing and serving the evening meal, the washing up has to be done!! Wouldn’t it be better to add evening meals to your booking?
Of course you don’t have to have an evening meal cooked for you every night. A great attraction of hostels in general is the flexibility they offer their guests and this is true as far as meals are concerned as well. You are free to mix cooking your own evening meals, with going to find local pubs or restaurants and with booking to eat evening meals prepared by the hostel.

Hostel Meals catered for you
So next time you’re planning your holiday do remember that there are many hostels in our network of Independent Hostels that offer evening meals. There may well be one just where you are wanting to stay.