Farewell to Jaffa

Jaffa while staying at Star Bunkhouse Bwlch on the Beacons Way, Wales

Our many readers who have enjoyed reading about Alex and Jaffa’s adventures while testing out various of our dog friendly hostels will be saddened to learn that Jaffa is no longer at Alex’s side.

Both Jaffa and Alex had a busy couple of weeks at the Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival, walking most days and leading some of the routes,  but when they got home Jaffa started to lose weight. The vet diagnosed prostrate problems and there was nothing that could be done.  Many of you dog lovers out there will know what Alex is going through in these early days without his four legged friend.

Alex and Jaffa, bloggers for Independent Hostels

Everyone at Independent Hostels sends Alex their sympathy at this sad time.  We all cherish the fond memories we have of getting Alex’s latest e mail to discover just what he and Jaffa (often accompanied by Margaret and Aunt Jane) had been up to.  A dreary day in the office was always brightened up by Alex’s tales!

RIP Jaffa




About Alex Russel

Alex and his dog Jaffa are great fans of Independent Hostels. They use them to get away for walking weekends whenever they can.