Experiencing London from a new perspective: PubLove The Exmouth Arms,

euston station near exmouth arms hostel

London is one of those cities you can keep discovering new corners of. Each time I re-visit the English capital I book my accommodation in a different neighbourhood, simply to experience the city from a new angle.

London is one of those cities you can keep visiting and keep discovering new corners of. Each time I re-visit the English capital I always try to book my accommodation in a different neighbourhood from my previous visits. Simply to experience the city from a new angle. And on this occasion, I chose to head a bit north of the centre to the neighbourhood around Euston Station – one of the city’s major transport hubs.

In fact, Publove’s Exmouth Arms is found just a five minute walk from the station, making it easily accessible when arriving on the tube. I drag my suitcase (while missing my backpack) through streets lined with Indian and other exotic restaurants, before reaching my destination at The Exmouth Arms; A well-balanced combination of traditional pub atmosphere and a modern burger joint. Dark wooden and tiled floors, big window panels and bulbs with a golden glow makes this a place you immediately feel like hanging out in. Whether you come here for a nice lunch, to catch up on a bit of work over a pint or just to enjoy the warm atmosphere with a cup of coffee.

Exmouth Arms Pub interior

I opt for a tasty burger, before settling in at my hostel dorm upstairs and heading out to see what I find on a spontaneous stroll along Euston Road. My first stop turns out to be The British Library, that opened on this location in 1998. Here you will find several exhibitions and tours on offer, as well as a selection of restaurants and cafés. I shoot a few photos on the piazza out in front, before a rain shower conveniently “forces” me to hide with a cup of coffee at The Last Word. A small but cosy, writer’s themed café in a stand-alone building outside the library. A good place to contemplate my next move.

Writers inspired cafe in central London

The architecture of the unique library building is sharp and streamlined, and the neighbouring hotel is a big contrast, with its castle-looking facade connected to the International St. Pancras train station.

Architecture in central London

Another major transport-hub, which in turn is next to the busy King’s Cross Station – so you really can’t complain about train connections in this neighbourhood. If you’re in the mood, you can even hit the tracks to Paris. But let’s stick to London for now, because the building of St. Pancras is definitely worth a look, and you might be lucky to spot a super car or two parked in front of this 5-star luxury hotel – like the purple Lamborghini I came across.

Supercar in central London

Back at Euston station I choose a less flashy form of transportation and jump on the Northern Line of the Tube, which takes me downtown to Leicester Square without any changes. Suddenly I find myself right in the buzz of London by night, surrounded by street performers, shops, restaurants, theatres and cinemas in one sparkling cornucopia of tempting treats and entertainment. It’s a chilly autumn night, so I opt for the cinemas and meet up with some friends for a movie in the light of the silver screen. And afterwards we head out for a drink in the city’s alluring nightlife.

London is a world of endless opportunities and while staying at Publove at The Exmouth Arms you are in the right place to start your London hosteling adventure.