Edale Bunkhouse

Edale rock jumping

Our adventure on Kinder Scout, Mam Tor and Edale

This photo shows one of our group Rock Hopping on the path up to Kinder Scout in the Dark Peak.  We found the hostel on this map of Edale. We were staying at the THE STABLES BUNKHOUSE (Now one of the Ollerbrook Farm Bunkhouses) on the flank of the Kinder plateau, the start of the Pennine way.

edale penine way
Edale Penine way

It has a fab location just on the edge of the wilderness and a five minutes’  walk from the pubs in Edale across a couple of fields and the narrowest old stone bridge I have ever seen.

Edale inside bunkhouse
Edale inside bunkhouse

We were four families and each family had a room in the bunkhouse.  We had some massive meals cooked in the huge saucepan at the bunkhouse and plenty of wine and beer to go along with the evening card games.  One night we had a bbq in the summer evening’s sun and latter the kids played blind man’s buff in the dark.

edale bbq
Edale bbq at bunkhouse

On the Sunday we walked across the valley and over Mam Tor ridge and then down again  into Castleton.  A great little walk with some fab views.  Castleton is home to Peveril Castle and the Devil Arse show caves (Peak Cavern), both well worth a visit.

Edale ollerbrook farm from Mam Tor
Edale Ollerbrook Farm from Mam Tor

The next day was blindingly hot and we visited Hathersage where the kids went for a swim in the gorgeous community run open air heated swimming pool.  The rest of us perused the outdoor shops and enjoyed a treat in the Pool Cafe.
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