Regional Groups

Independent Hostels UK welcomes the formation of regional groups among the hostels and bunkhouses in the network.  Regional groups are a great way for hostels and bunkhouse owners to support each other.  Within the group the accommodation owners  can recommend services and pass on guests when their accommodation is full.   Regional groups are also a great way to promote an area, raising the awareness of its attractions and assets.

If you run hostel or bunkhouse accommodation and would like to start a regional group in your area please get in touch using the contact form below.  If you are a regular guest and would like to support the bunkhouses and hostels in your area, or in your favorite location in the UK, there are volunteer opportunity’s available.

IHUK’s first regional group was formed in 2013 and is going from strength to strength.  Initially a group of 9 hostels now there are 11 hostels in the Cumbria regional group and they have moved from feeling in compotitionwith each other, to a feeling of mutual support.  IHUK has supported the production of a leaflet for this group and their attendance at Keswick Mountain Show.   We have also reserved a URL for their use and we are  working on the production of a website.  Here is a link to a clickable leaflet showing the hostels in the Group.

Cumbria Independent Hostels