Discover a lost world in the mountains around Inveraray

Bits of the past often survive into the present, but rarely does this happen to an entire village

Discover a lost world in the mountains around Inveraray.  Auchindrain was the last “township” in Scotland to be inhabited and worked, and it is the most well-preserved example that you can visit today.  Only six miles south of Inveraray Hostel on the A83,  Auchindrain is set in a dramatic landscape with excellent walks nearby.   In townships people lived and worked together in order to survive in the Highland landscape. Auchindrain was established as a community before 1500. Its people began to leave in the 1890s but the buildings remained and became cowsheds, stables and potato stores. The last family moved away in 1967.  A visit will take you back to a vanished way of life.