Boutique hostel, central Cardiff.

A most charming building and friendly staff.

Sometimes, when you browse the online reviews of a place, you find just a few reviews – all really positive. The cynical minded wonder, ‘Did their mum and their mates write all these?’ Now read the reviews of The Safehouse in Cardiff. You can check facebook, trip adviser or their website, and the many, many reviews all tell the same tale: excellent accommodation.

“What a gorgeous hostel! Totally affordable, amazing location on one of the main streets, showers you could live in (seriously some of the best showers I’ve ever used) and a comfy nights sleep.” 

“I have stayed at The Safehouse on many an occasion over the years. Staff are always friendly, beds both firm & soft (think Goldilocks) and the overall environment both welcoming and homely.”

“Possibly the best hostel for backpackers, long term travellers” 

It is in an old, characterful Victorian office building – and wears its handsome features proudly. The communal areas (reception, cafe, and lounge areas ) have a cosy private-club type feel. The bunk rooms, though are bang up to date. The beds are hand made to be a private space with, and I quote their websites, “a full depth memory foam mattress, USB charging point, integrated light, and storage space”. 

Cardiff echoes this dichotomy itself – a proud old city which has lives on the cutting edge of modernity. The Safehouse is a perfect place to explore it.