Barn Farm

Use it as your base and explore the legends and landscape of The White Peak!

Birchover in the Peak District is a fine village, home to some great pubs and Barn Farm Camping barns. In fact it is a cluster of four camping barns sleeping between 6 and 15 in modernised comfort. Each one has private bathrooms, showers, heating and TV as well as the kitchen and communal areas that you’d expect. Its a gorgeous spot with views over the valley and some wonderful walks right from the door.

I’ve wandered far and wide myself over this countryside and found some of my very favourite places. You can explore from Barn Farm and discover them yourself. One of the things I find alluring about this landscape is the myth and mystery written across it.  Just across the valley are the twin towers of Robin Hood’s Stride, a rock outcrop carved and cracked into some fine climbing and exploring. My children have played and picnicked here many times, and latterly have started to learn to climb here too. The spot commands the ridge separating two valleys and is the legendary site of an improbable leap by the eponymous folk hero. Right next to it is a second limestone outcrop and a hidden hermit’s cave tucked away behind a yew tree. 

In the other direction, right behind Birchover and Barn Farm, easily accessible by old quarrymen’s paths is Stanton Moor, an unfailingly mystical plateau topped with The Nine Ladies stone circle as well as a stone folly tower with no obvious entrance. Legend tells of nine dancers and a fiddler being petrified here for having the temerity to dance on a Sunday. When I’m telling the tale, I add an evil witch holed up in the tower too!


Use Barn Farm as your base and explore the legends and landscape of The White Peak!