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This facility has been created to allow you to email hostels in bulk.

To email hostels in bulk first you need to select a list of self catering accommodation suitable for your holiday. Do this by using the tick boxes above to select the areas of the UK you are interested in. This ensures that your enquiry will only reach hostels in locations which are useful to you. If you tick non of these boxes the enquiry will go to hostels all over the UK. Are you really interested in a visiting locations as diverse as Shetland and Manchester. The next section allows you to chose whether you wish to visit, City or Rural locations. You can tick as many of these as you like and it is a good idea to keep the selection broad. To email hostels for a rural holiday tick the boxes for remote, rural, village and small town. To email hostels for a city break tick Large town and City. It’s good to be broad with this choice. Surprisingly we have often seen the combination of ticks indicating that the person wanted to go ONLY to a remote location but also wished to be within walking distance of a pub. I think perhaps what they meant was that they wanted to be in a remote, rural or village location. The next option allows you to tick family, private or disabled rooms. Only tick family rooms or private rooms if you would absolutely not consider sharing a room of 5 or more beds with your friends, or sleeping in a dorm. Group size is simple, tick the box that corresponding to the size of your group to email hostels with more then this number of beds. You only ever need to tick one box for group size. Note that the larger your groups is the less hostels will receive your enquiry. The number of hostels gets very limited once you go above 50 beds. When it comes to meals provided the self catering tick box is useful if you definitely want self catering, most of the hostels int he network do provide self catering facilities so ticking this will not limit your options much. The hostels providing breakfasts and other meals is more limited so only tick either of these if it is absolutely essential. Remember nearby pubs might well be able to provide you with a meal. The last option Dog Friendly is very popular and more and more bunkhouses and hostels are providing this service. However you will still reduce your options by over 70% by ticking this box, so if it turns out the dog does not need to come after all it would be well worth emailing hostels without using this tick box.